Daily Mail…


…yn cael ei ddarllen gan contiau.


4 Responses to “Daily Mail…”

  1. Dyma’r erthygl – mae’n debyg bod y sylwadau i gyd (bron) wedi’u dileu – rhywun yn cofio beth ddigwyddodd wythnos o’r blaen, efallai. Diddorol gweld bod dim sylwadau o gwbl i’w gweld ar erthygl Jan Moir bellach.

  2. 2 shaun read

    awful,awful,awful-inhuman comments in the main with a smattering of just plain bigotry mixed in with racist undertones. People in England are absolutely furious about what the Labour party has done with immigration-I live in Dover and it has changed demographically within a decade-though I would never ever think of comments like those the Labour left-and all the other parties ignoring the problem is just making it worse-I truly fear the touch paper has been lit.

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